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  2. francis chan: I’m Finally Obeying, and I Love It!  →


    This is really sad… Many years ago I was deeply convicted while preaching through the book of Luke. When I got to Luke 14:12-14, I knew what I was supposed to do. I planned on doing it. I just never got around it. Sound familiar?

    In this passage, Jesus is speaking to the man who was…

  3. francis chan: Discipleship is NOT Sexy →


    It has been a long time since I have written anything. I have spent most of my days developing new friendships and trying to explain to them their need for Jesus. I wish I could tell you a bunch of stories of lives that have changed as a result. I wish I could tell you that hundreds have…

  4. godsenthiphop:

Yes! @tee_wyla you’re crazy for this one!


    Yes! @tee_wyla you’re crazy for this one!

  5. #Something-I-Would-Do


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The terminal.


    The terminal.

  8. Today I thought to myself “sometimes I wish I could send a text message to God” to express my thanks and give Him praise.

    Then I remembered I have prayer, and my lips lol.

    He is so good to me!
    All glory be to Christ. He is God and King, Lord of all.


  9. Fifty Three (by l33tpwnzord)

    This short film is such a grieving/moving/beautiful picture of Gods grace in the gospel. 

    Typography x Film

    It was made by: